Markus Ljungqvist

Software I Use


I have obtained advanced knowledge of the R language for statistical computing through an advanced course in R (in which I scored 49.5/51 scores at the final exam), various personal projects and reading by myself. I highly recommend looking through The Big Book of R to find interesting resources.


I am very knowledgeable in Stata, which I used during my masters and bachelor studies. I have written both of my bachelor theses and several hand-ins in Stata.


My favorite markup language is LaTeX, which I use to make presentations and other types of docments. I have gained experience through various hand-ins, presentations and thesis writing.


For quick notes, I like to use Markdown. The advantage of Markdown over LaTeX is the very simple syntax. While I also have good knowledge of R markdown, and occasionally use it for short reports, I prefer LaTeX for larger projects.


I prefer to manage most things via the command line. Whenever I use a shell, I prefer a POSIX compliant shell. I currently use mksh.


I have intermediate knowledge of the Julia programming language. Julia is faster than R and Python, but has fewer packages for econometrics available. Furthermore, Julia is not widely adopted, which is why I mainly use it for personal projects


I use git for several different types of projects. I am familiar with hosted git instances such as Github and Gitlab, but I mainly use Codeberg. Check out my Codeberg account!